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21 miles - And the sun goes down

I love photography. To me, camera is my brush and I like to paint the vision I imagine. This kinda explains my liking to #LongExposurePhotography. But this is not the only thing I love about photography. Besides pressing the shutter button and taking the image I want, I love doing 2 more things. a) Processing image b) Scouting and exploring locations.

Ever since I took the Super moon photo[1] which was 12 miles away from Skyline, I have been scouting and trying to explore more places to shoot skyline. It occurred to me that moon is not the only object in the sky that can be magnified (for the lack of better term) by the technique explained in lens compression. I knew if I could wait for right day and right time, I would certainly capture the setting sun over the #DallasSkyline. Today was that day. Just like in my previous work[1], PhotoPills and Google Street Views helped tremendously.

However, I knew shooting an object in the direction of a setting sun would be a challenge. It is easier to overpower the sun with a help of a strobe when you are taking portrait photos, but overpowering the skyline that is 21 miles away would definitely require another sun behind me. Nemesis Star Theory anyone? - Alright, geek mode off[2]. So I knew, I would had to improvise my technique and instead use light blending techniques in post processing to bring out the skyline. So I took the first shot during sunset and the second one after 23 minutes. Wait in between was killing me as the sunset today was really gorgeous, but was determined for to get this result. Here's the Exif:

* #Canon #7DMarkII - #Sigma 150-600mm C - 600mm
* Setting Sun : f/14 - ISO 100 - 1/1000s : 05:47:16 pm Central
* Lit Skyline : f/6.3 - ISO 500 - 1/10s : 06:10:30 pm Central

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[2] -

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