Astrophotography - Yogesh Mhatre


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Starry Angel's Window

After a satisfying sunset at Wotan's Throne, we (tour group) headed down towards the parking lot to camp for the night. The plan was to get up by 5:30 am to witness the sunrise again by Wotan's throne at 6:00 am. As we arrived at our cars, I looked at the sky and wondered if I could take a star trail shot for the night. Why not; it was just 8:30 pm and I was barely tired. However, the almost full moon and more than 50% cloud cover in the sky spoiled my plan.

Alternatively, I decided to sleep early and wake up by 3:15 am. As my alarm went off the next day, I got up as a zombie, struggling to find my shoes, gear, and other stuff. I made sure that I'm very stealthy in what I do (so as to not wake up my fellow tour-mates) and quickly grabbed 2 power bars, a bottle of water and started to wander silently in the Cape Royal. Unfortunately, the moonlight was still there, but not as harsh as it was almost at the end of the horizon and clouds were slowly starting to dissolve as well. So I did what I like to do - i.e. set the camera for a long exposure and use it as my paintbrush for a surreal photo. As the Nautical Twilight started at 5:06 am, I was able to capture some sunrise colors as well. This is how it turned out with an exposure at 3:40 am to 5:10 am at a 1-minute interval. Angels Window with Star trails

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