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A fiery Seattle morning

Last November (in 2017), I had to visit Seattle for a Business trip. Taking the opportunity of this trip, I woke early morning and visited the most known place in Seattle to photograph the Skyline with a distant view of Mt. Rainier. As this was a business trip, I wanted to travel light and I picked only two lenses 16-35mm & 150-600mm.

I woke up early in the morning, grabbed a coffee from Starbucks (yes, Seattle Starbucks) and took an Uber ride to Kerry Park. I realized it was way cloudy and was hopeful that these clouds would move away quickly. As it turned out they didn't and thus my plan to capture Mt. Rainer was a complete wash. As I waited hoping Sunrise would bring up some colors and boy, it was something, I realized my 16-35mm @ 35mm was too wide for the composition I wanted and my 150-600mm @ 150mm was too far to get all the elements I wanted. Another reason why 24-105mm is such a nifty carry around lens that one should not keep at home.

So here it is, Seattle Skyline featuring the Space Needle and a fiery sunrise.

5D Mark iiiAmazonCanon 1635 F2.8L iiDowntownExposureSetLongKerry ParkOutdoorSeattleSkylineSpace needleSunriseUrban