Landscapes - Yogesh Mhatre


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Sunset by Lavonia Park

Time was ticking as the Sunset was approaching and I had no opnion on where to shoot tonight's sunset which per was going to be a nice one.

Friends had planned to go down to Lewisville Lake, but drive there was not possible before the last light of the sun was already down. Looking for large water bodies around, I stumbled across Lavonia Park and so I decided to drive there. Unlike my last image, this time I reached there 10 minutes early. Quickly scouted for a foreground object and was lucky enough to find this metal piece.

As the Sun was setting the golden hour didn't look as great as it was predicted, but as the blue hour came by, things changed instantly. Sky lighted with highlights of red and joyful smile rose on my face. Couldn't had been much happier about this image.

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