Landscapes - Yogesh Mhatre


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Which is the best camera?

Answer: The one that you have at hand and is in working condition.

Before I go further into the details lets get the EXIF for this image out of the way.

Exif: iPhone X, 1/40s, f/1.6 @ 4mm (28mm FF equivalent)

Saturday afternoon, I was driving back from a birthday party. While driving I saw this huge puffing streak of clouds. I had an intuition that this would be an amazing sunset. Called my friend to see if he would be interested in driving to either Rockwall Harbor or Lavon Lake. Unfortunately, he had some errands and was busy. So I decided to head with my wife and her mom.

I came home, quickly grabbed my camera, two lenses, my filter bags, tripod and shutter release and was all set to visit Rockwall lake. We arrived at this harbor well before 20 mins of sunset. Quickly scouted a spot, assembled my tripod and mounted the lens on the camera. All the people walking by watching me could tell that I was really excited. Well, now all I had to do was turn ON the Camera and compose my shot, so I did. My camera won't start, toggled the ON and OFF switch thrice, but no luck. Then I decided to check the batteries and noticed I left all my batteries at home.

So here I was kicking myself, as the blue hour approached, the colors began to turn up and it was beautiful. Though I could not manage to get the image with my DSLR I did witness an amazing sunset and mobile photo did not disappoint

BluesCalmColorfulExposureSetLongHarborLakeLight HouseMagentaPeacePinkReflectionRelaxedRockwallSerenitySunsetTwilightWaterYellow