Landscapes - Yogesh Mhatre


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Through the gaps

Shot this on the tour - The Ultimate Southwest, led by Mark Metternich.

As we arrived at Cape Royal, the setting sun started to throw some colors on the clouds at a distant. This was uplifting as we didn't have much luck with clouds till this day. Mark carefully guided us to a point that would really give an emphasis on the scene we were shooting. And I'm being really polite by stating the location as "a point", as, in reality, we (or I) would not have dared to think to go there for a sake of photo. But as he started to jump on the rock (which was really an edge), inspected the friction beneath it, and how much support it has, we were assured that we can lay our tripod & cameras there.

Our objective was to shoot close-ups shots of Wotan's Throne (which I did and will post the shots after a break), the drama that distant sunset was causing in the rifts and the valley to the right of Wotan's Throne was incredible. This is one of the shot. The edge shown in the frame is the last point followed by several feet of straight drop.

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