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Maroon Bells - The First light

Shot this exactly a month ago, right about the time when falls colors started to bloom in Aspen, Colorado. The very famous - Maroon Bells at Maroon lake. Crowded with hundreds of photographers (no exaggeration, literally 300+), I managed to get a decent composition next to a young couple who were generous to make some space for me and my tripod.

Backstory: With all the hotel prices skyrocketing near Aspen for the weekend of Sept 24th (per night over $350), Khushboo and I did a compromise and managed to get a hotel about 2:15 hours away from Aspen. Sunrise was accounted at 7:24 am but Civil twilight for 6:59 am. It snowed that night (Yay, first snow in Aspen), so we knew road conditions may not be ideal and would have to account for some extra time. As a result, we woke up at 3 am and hit the road by 3:45 am. As it turns out we reached Maroon lake by 6:15 am, only to find a jammed up parking situation. With things clearing up, we rushed to the location just to find it swamped with photographers as ants would swamp on a drop of honey. Fortunately, a young couple allowed to lay my tripod near their setup and flexibility of my 16-35mm lens, helped me capture the first light falling on the Maroon Bells.

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